Under the motto THE POWER OF BEING DIFFERENT, our family business set an example at Label Days 2018: Wines, sparkling wines, spirits and other enjoyment products can be successfully marketed as long as they are staged with attractive label concepts and stand out from other products. Together with our partners API Foils and Avery Dennison, we invited our guests to the future world of labels and packaging on the two-day-event.


On the evening of 22nd November Matthias Vollherbst and his father Dr. Franz-Josef Vollherbst opened the Label Days. The hosts praised the label as the only marketing medium that accompanies the consumer even in the moment of consumption and as the one that transports key values ​​of the brand owner in the moment of truth.

Accordingly, we were excited to listen to the first presentation of the evening by David Peters. The trend specialist of foil manufacturer API showed that successful product packaging can be divided into four basic trend directions. He presented some of the world's most successful examples of product packaging and explained the development process and the links to the four key styles. Monica Gross, who represented one of the world's market leaders in premium label materials, showed how these trends are reflected in label paper. She reported a growing desire for high-quality, yet eco-friendly, resources that can be matched, for example, with materials from Avery Dennison's rock or grape remains.

The final presentation took the guests into the digital future of labels. Together with his listeners, Matthias Vollherbst analyzed the question of which type of label can be used to satisfy customer needs in the future and showed that a high quality printed and finished label is the basis for the sales success of a product even in the digital world. With the Label Steering Wheel Matthias Vollherbst not only introduced a new Anglicism into the German language, but also gave his customers an instrument for the future with which new labels can be systematically developed.

In the middle of Vollherbst's label production, ideas were developed during a flying dinner, cool drinks and gentle beats and concrete concepts were already discussed with the experts.


On day 2 of the event, the course was set for OWN projects: Innovation workshops were used to brainstorm, design and prototype a fictitious but realistic beverage project. Experts from API Foils, Avery Dennison, and the CREATIONS team from Vollherbst were advising. Two groups with a completely mixed participant structure consisting of directors, marketing experts and students each developed their own concepts independently and then presented each other's results. A jury of three judges chose one of the concepts, which is actually to be put on the market, as the winner.

Culinary highlights at the Label Days were provided by Thomas Merkle through a flying dinner from his food truck with regional specialties and a South African twist as well as the Soulfoodqueens with a new interpretation of a local lunch menu.

For the third time, the Label Days will take place in 2021, when the family-owned business celebrates its centennial. But until then, our ambitious team does not want to keep our ideas and inspirations under wraps! Every year we will give our customers many "small label days" with many special moments.

All presentations from November 22, 2018 a gallery with some impressions are available HERE

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