LABELinmotion | The Smartphone App by Vollherbst

... You are standing in the supermarket, looking for a suitable wine or a fine liquor, open an app, scan the label with your smartphone and suddenly the bottle begins to tell you the story of the content, the origin and the producer.

How does this work?

Augmented Reality ("AR") is a computer-generated perception of reality. The brand experience becomes three-dimensional, combining the real world with the virtual world in real time. Above all, visual objects are already integrated into the view of users today. This requires a device that displays the real environment but can also incorporate computer graphics, e.g. a conventional smartphone.

Inconceivably? Not for us!

For a few days, the brand new AR app "LABELinmotion" from Vollherbst is available in all app stores - an app that brings the label to life! AR labels are a promising, interactive addition to the printed label. The app opens, the label is scanned with the camera of the smartphone and the deposited application starts automatically. Complex product information can be summarized in such a compact way and made tangible at the point of sale. 3D animations, music, interactive menus, or entire image movies - LABELinmotion conveys far more information and feelings than a printed text on a back label can ever express.

Vollherbst labels are used to entertain consumers, actively and intelligently address them and at the same time tell stories. Go new ways and be innovative!


Download "LABELinmotion" in your App Store and scan THIS ARTWORK for our LABEL DAYS 2018!

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