SMART START. Tradition vs. Change

BADISCHER WEIN: True to the motto "class instead of mass" quality and regionality are very important in Baden. Especially Burgundy wines, which stand out from the crowd and embody prestige, modernity and sustainability. Baden neatly refines the image of German wine, and above all the Generation Pinot: An association of 54 young, enthusiastic winemakers and cellar masters who give the Baden wine a young face. "Pinot" stands not only as a brand name for the most important grape varieties of Baden but also for the desire for international success, because Baden is a quality-oriented, innovative and responsible growing area.

GENERATION CHANGE 4.0: Many young winegrowers take over parental businesses and enter a new era with academic education and excellent specialist knowledge. In addition to a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the family-owned business, they often bring their own ideas. Future plans that must be united with great sensitivity and respect to the tradition of many years. Innovations, new processes, modernization, new business fields and a "new face": What many young winegrowers still have to do, Vollherbst has already gone through. With this experience and the knowledge of the challenges of such a change Vollherbst invited to his workshop SMART START | tradition vs. change, with the goal of identifying new approaches to brand relaunch and supporting the new generation with inspiration and new ideas.

ROSEN & WEIN: About half of the generation Pinot and 3 motivated design agencies followed the call. The focus of the workshop, however, was not a fictitious project but a Baden young winemaker from within own ranks - a recent case: Simon Weiss (27), from the Weiss Rosen & Wein winery from Bahlingen, took over the parental business with his brother. In addition to 7 hectares, they have another 2 hectares for their wild roses. The winery and the home distillery with noble fires form the traditional basis of the operation and since the expansion of the inner courtyard, the "Rosenhof" is also rented as a festive location for external events. These four business areas of the Rosenhof are linked in the logo by a wild rose. The big challenge: How do you combine all these established pillars in a uniform concept? Does the Weiss family need a revised design? A modernization? A new face? A new logo? Another name? A completely new coat of paint?

CASE STUDY: After a sunny reception with cold soda and relaxed music, the three agencies introduced themselves Martin Reis (Quantum X, Volxheim), Julia Schliewe (Münchrath / Ideen + Medien, Freiburg) and Dirk Paulus (Medienagenten, Bad Dürkheim) showed with their lively short lectures and the presentation of previous projects what they can do and what they burn for. Afterwards, the young winemakers and cellar masters were assigned to the agencies and were allowed to withdraw to the actual workshop armed with flipchart, edding and cookies. Now began two intense hours in which they brainstormed in the group, discussed and pinned for all it’s worth. Simon Weiss was always the one who did "workshop hopping", answering questions and revealing details about his ideas and plans.

PITCH & GET-TOGETHER: At the end of the workshop, all 3 groups presented their ideas. From new marketing approaches to concrete ideas for a new design everything was there. And Simon Weiss was clearly surprised how many directions his family business could develop.

The very impressive, interactive day with regional burgers and - as it should be - a good glass of wine brought to a worthy conclusion in Merkle's restaurant. In the end, everyone agreed - be they the young, Baden winemakers, agency representatives or the team Vollherbst: Everyone benefited from this exciting day, and of course the Bahlinger Simon Weiss aka. "Whitey"!

Together, the Baden winegrowing is now to be revolutionized, it just needs a pool of motivated and creative people who like to "think outside the box" and willing to take even unconventional ways.

Endingen am Kaiserstuhl

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