The marketing workshop in cooperation with Badischer Wein.

Baden wine region: Home feeling. Enjoyment of life. Passion for our wines. Which of these and our values ​​appeal to the consumers of the future? How do we work together to transfer these feelings to the consumers of the future? What tools are there to attract attention for our Baden wines?
We asked ourselves these questions together with Badischer Wein GmbH and warmly invited all Baden wineries, cooperatives and wineries to an inspiring afternoon. At the beginning we learned a lot about the needs of today's consumers, about digitization and the so-called "Millenials" by Matthias Vollherbst. Christina Lauber, Managing Director of Badischer Wein GmbH, took up the latest figures from market research at these points, and the large delta between the future and the present became quickly apparent on closer examination of market conditions. But how do you basically build a brand? Axel Münchrath, from the agency Münchrath. Ideas + Media, gave the participants important tips on brand values, buyer psychology and a whole important point along the way: Authenticity. Subsequently, various ideas and approaches were worked out in interdisciplinary workshop groups, which were then discussed together.
The workshop participants braved the extreme temperatures on this day, worked together highly motivated until the end and gave their creativity free rein. We were very impressed by this and the many new impulses and so we have only one thing to say: Chapeau for your commitment!