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How can we communicate your story, your passion and your unique selling points authentically and understandably to your customers? How can we surprise the consumer and alert him to your wine? Today, we're introducing a whole new way for you to communicate your very own story on your label, because we breathe life into your label.

Using a special process developed by us, we have been able to visibly incorporate real raw materials such as soil into your label. Even individual scented coatings can now give your customer an idea of ​​the tasteful content of your wines on the label - the possibilities of this process are almost limitless!

craftLABEL | soil

Give your customers near and far a bit of home and identity through your label: We work real soil from your vineyard into a highbuild varnish and apply it to your label using a special screen printing process.

craftLABEL | volcanic ash

Our company founder Franz Anton Vollherbst has already grown his own wines on the Endingen volcanic rock. For this reason, we have processed real ash and achieved an expressive, lasting effect.

craftLABEL | aroma

A wine, sparkling wine or liquor is usually purchased by the customer based on the label. With the taste experience you can convince your customer only after the purchase. However, with the help of an individual fragrance varnish we now give your customer an idea of ​​the content already on the shelf.


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